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We work with people on a global connection, offering emerging markets access via private investments, as well as helping network to achieve the development and delivery of an end product.

Our team members are all successful young entrepreneurs, giving us an entrepreneurial expertise. Our experience includes years in trading and finance, management and investments, tech ventures and startups. We know how to make things happen for you because we have made them happen for ourselves.

We feel that the early stage is when a new idea or innovation needs the most support and nurturing. Whether you are a young entrepreneur, or one who is young at heart,

the London Startup Society is here to be your go-to place for information, guidance, acceptance, and the funds to make your dream come true.

When we refer to young entrepreneurs, we are referring to those who are just starting out on their journey of creation and discovery - whatever their physical age may be. Fledgling creative thinkers with a great idea should never be cast aside in the true vision of entrepreneurship.

The London Startup Society is always actively searching for innovative startups, including mainly technological ventures, fintech, API, and AI. Other fresh ideas are also open for conversation with our angel investors and us.






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team member

Umar ShodievBusiness enthusiast, whose extensive background includes startups in Kazakhstan, Switzerland and the UK.

team member

Oleksandr TrygubenkoPassionate entrepreneur with large-scale experience at international level on various projects.

team member

Fernando BaptistaEnthusiastic impresario responsible for marketing strategies and outside-the-box thinking.

team member

Alexander PadhaiskiOrganized, self-motivated, and passionate entrepreneur with experience in trading and finance.

team member

Azar AsgarovYoung entrepreneur specializing in logistics industry connects LSS with the emerging market of Azerbaijan.

AdvisorsMeet our advisors

team member

Yernar MaminBrilliant entrepreneur with experience in Information Technology, hospitality and retail industries.

team member

Filip PerkonPassionate about technology, founded several startups, supported others as an Angel Investor.

team member

Bobirjon FozilovMining and Energy industries specialist, connecting the LSS to the resources of Balkan countries.

team member

Abbas MammadovSerial entrepreneur with several startups launched in Silicon Valley, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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Our Expertise

We have experience in tech ventures (fintech, API, AI), retail, management, marketing, finance, and investments.


Our team members are all successful young entrepreneurs. We've been down the road you are on!

Global Connection

We offer the chance to connect with emerging markets, product development and product delivery companies and investors. Geography is no limitation.