Onboard Your First VA



Onboard Your First VA


Tasha Booth has a history working as a virtual assistant and online business manager herself and now runs an OBM agency where she helps entrepreneurs staff their online businesses.

Our guest expert, OBM agency owner Tasha Booth, will join me to answer all your questions about bringing on your first team member. She’s just who we want teaching us how to successfully onboard new team members and build our team.



00:21 Introducing Tasha Booth.

04:51 How do you minimize people problems?

07:41 Should you hire family members as your VA?

11:50 Should you hire before you can pay yourself?

16:33 How can we protect trade secrets?

17:58 What are your thoughts on LinkedIn?

20:58 How do structure my website?

26:41 Where should I go to hire a video editor?

31:28 What do you think of hiring from Fiverr?

33:42 How do you keep your team members happy?

37:42 What’s the best platform for (free) courses?

39:24 How much are services like editing and marketing?

44:30 Are online classes better live or pre-recorded?

47:18 Can you teach live through Teachable?

48:20 How do you price your work for VAs?

49:36 Do your pay for “test projects”?

51:31 How do you trust the time your VA bills for?